SEN Congratulate to Ms. Puja Pant Founder Member of SEN, for the PhD Degree

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puja pantThe Small Earth Nepal (SEN) proudly welcomed Pooja Pant, one of the founding members of the organization, and congratulated her for her successful completion of her PhD degree.

In the interaction program, which was organized at SEN hall on July 19, Ms Pant shared, in brief, about how the organization was initiated and she also expressed her happiness to see the organization in the present stage. She also expressed her wishes of collaborating with any of SEN’s future programs

Ms Pant’s PhD dissertation was “Climate Change, Livelihood and Food Security: A Study in Lowland Far Western Nepal” which she did from City University of Hong Kong.


SEN Representative Participated in the HELIX Delhi Stakeholders’ Workshop

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13th August 2014

Mr. Jeeban Panthi, Research Coordinator at The Small Earth Nepal (SEN), recently participated and provided expertise feedback in a workshop organized at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) – Delhi. The workshop was a part of the Exeter University and UK Met Office led European Union funded collaborative research project called ‘High End Climate Impact and Extremes (HELIX). It was organized among the researchers and scientists working in climate change areas from South Asia. The objective of the project was to assess the impacts of climate change and develop adaptation strategies with different scenarios of climate projections: average change in 2, 4 and 6°C of the temperature compared to the baseline. HELIX shall address the future situation by providing a clear, coherent, internally-consistent view of a small, manageable number of future worlds under those high levels of global warming.  Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia are the focus regions for the project. More than 70 experts working in different sectors of climate change: water, agriculture, livelihood, gender, policy were participated to the workshop. Project leader Prof. Richard Betts from the UK Met Office and Exeter University, UK presented the overall objective of the project for setting the tone. Different thematic panel discussions were organized to highlight and prioritize the regional issues and adaptation needs.

Mr. Panthi shared some of his experiences working in climate and water sectors in Nepal, particularly the validity of the regional climate model (RCMs) especially in high mountain regions. Also, the HELIX team was offered to organize a side event for refining the research project concept from mountain perspective during the International Conference on Climate Change Innovation and Resilience for Sustainable Livelihood next year in Kathmandu, Nepal. Mr. Panthi is one of the members of the stakeholder committee of the project representing Nepal and the proposed conference.IMG_9598

Opening ceremony of Nepal National Water Week 2012

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Nepal National Water Week 2012 commenced with the inauguration ceremony held on March 17 at Nepal Tourism Board, Bhrikutimandap. Mr. Post Bahadur Bogati, Honorable Minister of Energy graced the opening ceremony as the Chief Guest.

The opening program was chaired by Mr. Bishwa Prakash Pandit, Secretary, Water and Energy Commission (WECS) Secretariat. The other dignitaries on the dais were Madam Nicole Menage, Country Representative, World Food Programme, Er.Ganesh Shah, Former Minister, Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology, Mr. Bal Krishna Prashain, Former Secretary, Ministry of Environment, and advisor of Nepal National Water Week 2012, Er. Mahendra Bahadur Gurung, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Irrigation, General Secretary of NNWW- 2012, Dr. Ravi Sharma Aryal, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Energy and Vice Chair, NNWW- 2012, Dr. Arun Bhakta Shrestha, Climate Change Specialist, ICIMOD and Dr. Ghana Shyam Gurung, Conservation Program Director, WWF Nepal.

The program was inaugurated by Chief Guest pouring water on food plants. After the welcome speech by Dr. Ravi Sharma Aryal, highlights of NNWW 2012 programs were presented by Er. Mahendra Bahadur Gurung, which was followed by the launching of the book published by WECS: Koshi River Basin Management Strategic Plan by the Chief Guest.  Mr. Piyush Dahal from The Small Earth Nepal shared the research report on Baseline Study and Vulnerability Assessment of Ramaroshan Wetland Area; Achham which was carried out as a part of NNWW 2011. All the dignitaries made their speech which were largely focused on this year’s theme “Water and food Security”. The water resources and the present condition of its pollution were the major highlighted on the ceremony. The water related burning issues and how it affects the food production and its security were addressed in the ceremony.

The program was concluded with the closing remarks made by Mr. Bishwa Prakash Pandit, Chairperson of NNWW-2012, Secretary, WECS, Government of Nepal.

Best from Waste: Childrens` Move for Climate Action on Global Day of Climate Action-2011 3 December 2011

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This year on the Global Day of Action (3 December 2011), The Small Earth Nepal (SEN) and Climate Change Learning Center (CCLC), Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute, with the support of The British Council Nepal and Solid Waste Management and Technical Support Centre, Ministry of Local Development jointly organized an awareness program “Best from Waste: Children Move for Climate Action”, a competition and exhibition of materials prepared from waste by students of the Kathmandu Valley.

The objective of the program is to sensitize the students and public on efficient waste disposal methods and encouraging recycle and reuse of waste. On the day, a day long exhibition of materials, prepared by students from waste, will be organized on public place.

The Global Day of Action on climate has occurred every year since 2005 at the time of the annual United Nations Talks on climate change (the COP or “Conference of Parties” to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change or UNFCCC). People from all around the globe come together on the same day to demand urgent action on climate, and climate justice, from the governments of the world meeting at the annual climate talks. Global Day of Action rallies were first conducted on 3 December 2005 to coincide with the UNFCCC’s First Meeting of Parties to the Kyoto Protocol, or MOP 1, in Montreal, Canada. The sixth Global Day of Action took place on 4 December 2010 with actions and events all around the world in at least 50 countries.

The program “Best from Waste: Children Move for Climate Action” will provide a challenging platform for the students to exhibit their talent and innovative ideas to make their own articles from waste. Therefore, a competition and demonstration is one of the options to motivate the students and public for the reuse of waste materials.

Monks` Meet on Climate Change 25 November 2011 Namo Buddha, Kavre, Nepal

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The Small Earth Nepal (SEN) in collaboration with Thrangu Environmental Club and Thrangu Tashi Yangste Monastery, with the support from Korea Green Foundation organized “Monk’s Meet on Climate Change” on 25 November 2011 at Namo Buddha, Kavre. Monks from different monasteries within country are expected to participate in the program.

Monk’s Meet on Climate Change is the part of the ongoing project “Communicating Climate Change: We can address it, solution within us”. The objective of the project is creating the long term mass awareness on climate change with the base of Namo Buddha Monastery.

The meet is focused on the monks whose lifestyles is considered to be simple and non-violence to nature. However, facts show that monks have comparatively higher carbon footprints than an average Nepalese. In this context, the conference aims to bridge the knowledge between monks and civilians about the climate change, to identify the ways to reduce their carbon footprint, and motivate them to live carbon neutral life to contribute for climate change mitigation from local scale.

SEN conducted a workshop among monks on Climate Change and Sustainable Lifestyles in 2008. SEN has already completed a project “Mission Carbon Neutral Nepal: A Pilot Project on Namo Buddha Monastery”. It is a research based project to develop the carbon neutral monastery through the process of motivational awareness to address the issue of climate change. Its objective was to aware monks and visitors to adopt climate friendly lifestyles. Briquette training has already been organized for monks of the Thrangu Tashi Yangste Monastery. The briquettes are being used for cooking and other purposes.

Mr. Dilli Bhattarai from SEN in SAYEM-2011

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Dilli Bhattarai, a young member of The Small Earth Nepal (SEN), attended South Asian Youth Environment Meet (SAYEM-2011), in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The youth meet is going to be organized by Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative (BYEI) during 18-20 November 2011 at Dhaka,  Bangladesh.

The SAYEM-2011 will bring together the most active youths of the region who are committed to changing their communities. It is designed to be a forum of exchange for the South Asia’s future leaders to spark discussion about the environmental challenges faced by the region and to find out solutions to address those challenges.

The youth leaders will discuss key aspects relating to climate change and environment, draft and recommend policy changes that later will be communicated to policy level to ensure that youth voices are incorporated and reflected in the national policy agenda. The SAYEM 2011 will also convene a number of the leading academics, scholars, scientists, experts, and professionals.

Monks for Moving Planet: Hiking and Pray for Zero Carbon Emission

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Global movement to solve the climate crisis “the moving planet campaign” was celebrated all over the world with different activities. To mark the movement The Small Earth Nepal organized hiking and praying at Namobuddha monastery. Seven Kilometer hiking was organized from Dhulikhel town up to the monastery with the objectives of involving religious society to the environmental movement and disseminate message to public. It also aims to take part of global event of moving planet calling the world to move beyond the fossils fuels. After the hiking to monastery, a pray for zero emission was done by the hiker along with the monks in the monastery. Thirty-one people including hiker and monks have prayed for five minutes for zero emission. Twenty four youth representing different sectors and organization along with the representatives of Green Peace Foundation have participated in the hiking along with the presence of members of Green Peace Foundation.