Mr. Panthi presenting at Conference (Photo: Pabitra Gurung)

Mr. Jeeban Panthi, Research Coordinator at our organization, participated and presented a paper at the International Conference on Water Security and Climate Change organized at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand from 29 November to 1 December 2016. Mr. Panthi gave an oral talk ‘Water Poverty Mapping in Context of Climate Change – A Case Study from Karnali River Basin, Nepal’ and the paper he presented was a part of our APN supported research project at the Karnali river basin in western Nepal. Mr. Panthi participated in a roundtable discussion to identify the research topics on drought mitigating in the Asia region. Some of the purposed research topics are sub-basin wide drought prediction, contribution of anthropogenic and natural factors to drought, drought impacts to livestock and agriculture, drought-induced migration, role of groundwater in mitigating drought, developing drought resilient livestock and crop species and mapping the best practices to mitigate the drought impacts.

The conference provided a platform for engaging leading experts in the Asia region and beyond in discussions on water security issues in order to facilitate the path towards water-secure societies. Another series of the conference will be organized in Germany in September 2017.