-By Nicky Shree Shrestha

The Small Earth Nepal (SEN) organized a retreat program on 12th and 13th of April, 2013 with a white water rafting at Bhotekoshi. Bhotekoshi River means ‘River from Tibet’ and lays a few hours drive to the north east of Kathmandu. The Bhotekoshi is regarded as one of the best short white water rafting trips in the world. It is the steepest river that is rafted in Nepal, with continuous rapid action making this river a full-on commitment and a huge adrenaline rush.


Ready set to go for rafting

Around 6:30 in the morning, a group of 15 SEN family members gathered at SEN office from where the journey started. After three hours drive, the team reached resort at Sukute where they had their breakfast. After having breakfast, within 10 minutes of drive, the team reached the point from where the adventurous rafting was to be started. The requisites for rafting such as helmet, life jackets and paddles were provided. Two rafts were allocated for which the team was divided into two groups. A brief orientation of how to use paddles and other requisites along with safety measures was given by one of the guides. Two rescue kayaks were already in the ready position in case of any accidental events. One of them had camera to capture some good wild moments.

Team shouting while rafting

The adventure started from the very beginning of the rafting. It was indeed a unique combination of exceptional fun, thrill with continuous and challenging rapids. Along the river side, emerald green fields were seen and the curious village children lining along the suspension bridges were amazed as we plunged through cascading waves of running white water. The twisting, turning and plunging of raft resulted to the exhilarated shrieks of the team.

Raft plunging into the white water

Raft plunging into the white water

The team had their lunch after two hours of rafting. As the rafting was continued, in one of the fastest rapids, one raft got somersaulted making all onboard plunged into the cold water and everyone started panicking, but thanks to the preventive gears, no one was injured. That part was the most thrilling one. The guides took the rafts to a side where there was an 18 ft. high cliff. Some of the members of team gave it a try and jumped off the cliff into the white water of Bhotekoshi which added an extra flavor of thrill and excitement.

Jumping off from 18 ft high cliff

Jumping off from 18 ft high cliff

Around 5pm in the evening, the team reached the resort at Sukute. After the group photography all dispersed to have fun of their own, playing volleyball, table tennis while some enjoyed the views around. There was an arrangement of campfire with barbeque party and everyone sang and danced.


Our one day home, TENT

Dinner was served at around 10 pm. After that everyone got to their tents and had a good night sleeps. The team was informed to be ready to return back to Kathmandu around 8 in the next morning. The next morning, after having breakfast, everyone got into the bus to return back. On the way, some of the members of our team decided to swim in Indrawati River at Dolalghat for about an hour whereas some were busy taking photographs. Around 1 pm, the team reached Kathmandu.

The rafting at Bhotekoshi was, without a doubt, one of the most exciting, adventurous and amazing retreat programs of the Small Earth Nepal.


Group photo of the team after rafting

(Photo credit: Endless Wave Adventure Nepal)