SEN at International Conference of Mountain Countries on Climate Change (ICMCCC)

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SEN stall

SEN at ICMCCC exhibiting informative materials

The Small Earth Nepal (SEN) participated at International Conference of Mountain Countries in Climate Change (5-6 April 2012) organized by the Government of Nepal. The conference was attended by the delegates of more than 50 countries. The participants were from 11 least developed Countries, 33 Developing Countries, 10 Developed Countries, a number of experts, resource persons and representatives from the United Nations and other international organizations. The Conference was organized for an excellent opportunity to the mountain countries and stakeholders to come together on a common platform to deliberate mountain issues and the wellbeing of mountain people, and attempt to arrive at a common understanding of the needs and concerns of mountain regions. It has been expected that with this unification, mountain countries will have a strong uni-vocal issue among the global donors and development practitioners to conserve the mountain ecosystem from climate change and extremes. SEN exhibited its information products related to mountain in a stall provided. The conference was concluded by adopting “Kathmandu Call for Action” for which SEN assisted to insert youth and sustainability agenda.

Please click here to download the “Kathmandu Call for Action”.


Observation Visit to Jar Water Treatment Plant and Department of Food Technology and Quality Control-20 March 2012

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The Small Earth Nepal facilitated altogether twenty–two students and other stakeholders as a part of celebration of Nepal National Water week 2012, to visit Aqua Hundred Pvt. Ltd., Jar Water Treatment plant,  Balaju and Department of Food and Technology and Quality Control, Babarmahal  on 20th March.

 Aqua Hundred Pvt. Ltd follow different steps for purifying water and finally check the water quality whether it is drinkable or not if they satisfied with the quality of water, then only they fill the water jar and supply to the market. And the unpurified water is used for the washing the vehicles at the backyard of company. Water jar is imported from Thailand and is recycled which is generally used for 42 cycles. After 42 cycles the jar should be replaced but in context of Nepal it is not done.

Similarly, on the very same day visited the Department of Food and Technology and Quality Control, Babarmahal for ensuring the food technology and how they are testing the quality of food products. There Mrs. Sangita Swar and Mr Binaya Shrestha presented about how they are testing of food quality and controlling the food quality. For testing the food quality the government has provided budget for it as well as also has definite area in which the food quality is tested. The area includes some government offices, hotels, as well as some particular area of the valley.