As part of the NNWW 2012, The Small Earth Nepal (SEN), along with Centre of Research for Environment Energy and Water (CREEW) and Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO) conducted Two-Days Training Workshop entitled “ Water Sampling, Analysis Training Program” on 19-20th March, 2012.

With the objectives to enhance understanding and capacity building of college students on water quality and related issues and also to intensify discussion on water related issues, the training was organized for 23 students from different institutions. The program began with short introduction of water sampling methods, calibration of instruments and demonstration of water quality testing kits on 19th March and ended with the formation of 4 sampling groups with proposed sampling sites at Dhobi khola, Chysal, Baluwatar and New Baneshwor targeting dug well and tube well samples.

On 20th March, students were provided field exposure for Groundwater sample collection, which were then collected at ENPHO for further testing by the students themselves. Six supervisors from CREEW, ENPHO and SEN provided technical assistance during the sampling and collection. The results from the water sample analysis were interpreted and presented in poster format at The 3rd National Groundwater Symposium held on 22nd March, Kathmandu.