Presentation on “GLOF Events in Switzerland” by Jessica Roberts

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Jessica Roberts, volunteer from Switzerland on The Small Earth Nepal presented on “GLOF Events in Switzerland”.The presentation was organized in SEN training hall in which all the staffs of SEN were involved.
Her presentation include an introduction of Switzerland, its important facts and socio-economic background, glacier and their danger, glacier coverage of Switzerland, risk management system and comparison of Nepal and Switzerland. She shared information about existing glacial lakes in Switzerland its geographical situation, historical background. During the presentation, discussions were hold about mountain livelihood and space development as well as risk management in Nepal. Key conclusions of the GLOF Presentation have to be mentioned. On one side, the glaciers have an important impact on the populated mountainous regions of Switzerland and the way of living in this environment. On the other side, risk management includes risk assessment, risk observation, mitigation measures and assessment of mitigation measures. The measures are evaluated with the cost-effect criteria.


SEN staff attending “Youth Forum on Climate Actions and Mountain Issues”

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Jeeban Panthi ,Suchita Shrestha and Piyush Dahal  from SEN attending “Youth Forum on Climate Actions and Mountain Issues” from 8-12 August 2011 organized by ICIMOD/APMN in Kathmandu, Nepal .It is a weeklong training and knowledge-sharing programme on climate change and mountain development.

Swiss Volunteer at SEN

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Jessica Roberts, student of environmental science from University de Lausanne, Switzerland has been working as a volunteer at SEN from 28 July -18 September. She will be lending a helping hand in the project of “Vulnerability Assessment on Glacier Lake Outburst Flood of Eastern Nepal”. Similarly, she will be giving a presentation about the “Situation of Glacial Lakes in Switzerland “during her tenure at SEN.

Mr.Jeeban Panthi in World Leadership Conference, Singapore 2011

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Mr.Jeeban Panthi, Program Development and Research Officer of The Small Earth Nepal, attended World Leadership Conference from 13th to 15th July 2011 in Singapore representing sister organization from Nepal. The regional meeting for youth, civil society was organized by ECO Singapore and its sister organizations.

It is a platform for youth from all over the Asia and the Pacific to come together to learn, voice out and take action towards a green and sustainable future. It was dedicated towards the regional build up in Asia-Pacific towards the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio in 2012. The specific themes for the conference were Green Economy to Eradicate Poverty, Energy for a Low Carbon Future and Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development. The Conference has developed  “Asia Pacific Youth Position Paper”  for Rio+20.

Mr. Dilli Bhattarai in International Youth Forum Seliger 2011

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Mr. Dilli Bhattarai, Program Officer of The Small Earth Nepal (SEN), has participated in the International Youth Forum Seliger 2011, which was held in Russia during 1-9 July 2011. The program was organized by the Federal Agency on Youth Affairs, Russian Federation(

Seliger 2011 is an international eco-camp uniting more than 700 outstanding young individuals – students and graduates from the leading universities, social activists, up-and-coming politicians, journalists, researchers and innovators from over 80 countries – to discuss on global issues and capacity building of youth. Youth were provided with opportunities to discuss on Global Politics, Civil and Social Development, Mass Media and Public Relations, Innovation and Enterprise with the world’s leading intellectuals, politicians, and business people.
Forum seeks to set up an international network to promote mutual understanding, education and youth cooperation on the issues of global scope and importance.

SEN joins hands with WASH leadership hiking

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The Small Earth Nepal (SEN) along with Paschim Paaila, SEAT, NYCA and Green Graduates organized a WASH Leadership Hiking “at Chandragiri Hill on June 10, 2011. The objectives of the hiking was learning and sharing on water, sanitation, hygiene and other environmental issues among youths and strengthen the inter-stakeholder fellowship.

This hiking aimed to gain some ideas that youths can lead any change if they united. This hiking was based on the motto “learn with fun” i.e. 75 % fun, 25 % learn and 100 % fellowship. There were altogether 26 participants from different organizations. Four participants from SEN participated the hiking.

Hiking was started from Machhegaun one of the historical place of the Kathmandu Valley. It is said that geographical structure of this place is like the shape of fish. So, this place is known as Machhegaun. Famous temple Macche Narayan lies in this village. The hiking route was divided into 3 stations. Participants were divided into three groups i.e. water group, green group and sanitation group. Each group conducted various activities related to team building, environment conservation and sanitation. In the first station, all the groups played game which showed about team building capacity. In second station each group performed activities related to environment conservation, sanitation through pretending as statue.  Participants enjoyed with beautiful scene of Kathmandu Valley from the main station, i.e. Chandragiri Hill top at about 2392 m from sea level. All groups created songs related to water and performed. Fun activities were followed by discussion about water and sanitation issues at the hill top.

Farewell to Miss Pragya Adhikari

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The Small Earth Nepal (SEN) organized a farewell program to Miss Pragya Adhikari at the office on 8 May 2011. Miss Adhikari was in SEN since August 2010 and involved in various project.  Her special involvement and contribution in the ‘International Graduate Conference on Climate Change and People’, held during 15-19 November 2010, was an appreciating work for entire SEN family. In the farewell, colleagues at SEN shared their moments working with Miss Adhikari and wished her better career ahead. In her turn, Miss Adhikari thanked SEN and its member for cooperating and supporting her in every task and guiding in difficult times.

On behalf of SEN family, Mr. Dhiraj Pradhananga, President of SEN, offered a gift to her as a souvenir. Mr. Pradhananga also shared his experiences working with her and wished her for success in her every step ahead. SEN is glad for her presence and role during the period when she was in SEN. Her cooperation and friendly behavior were very appreciable. SEN wishes best career in her future.

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